Each of our Treatment Services meet established and nationally recognized quality standards, and are fully accredited by the various governing bodies.

Therapeutic Exercises

Including services

Postural Assessment

X-Ray, MRI

Massage by Maya does not provide and diagnostic imaging. These diagnostic tools are performed by a medical professional like personal care provider, chiropractor, etc. Having an x-ray is like having a picture taken. High energy waves – x-ray beams – pass through the body to project an image on a film cassette. It is advisable to have your PCP diagnosis or radiology conclusion available though, so our therapist knows what she is dealing with.

Therapeutic Exercises

Therapeutic Exercise session are offered separately or in combination to your manual therapy for optimal recovery and conditioning (for additional charge). Our sessions always begin with postural assessment to find out every patient specific postural deviation. We develop a client specific therapeutic exercise program based on their condition.

Stretch Lab

Stretching takes essential part in our therapeutic approach. We focus on stretching specific shortened muscles after client’s postural assessment. We offer stretching exercises as a separate service (clothed) or in addition to your manual therapy for additional charge. As us about rates and availability.

Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises are necessary therapeutic tool, especially when conditions in the upper body are present. Ask us about breathing exercises add-on to your manual therapy treatment.

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