Congestive Heart Failure (CHF), Current / Recent Infection, Blood Clots or Stroke, Recent Abdominal Surgery (except  liposuction or abdominoplasty) , Liver Problems, Kidney Failure

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is a very gentle, dry and light massage after surgery highly recommended by surgeons all over the world. This type of manual treatment works mostly with the superficial skin layers and it is not really a massage. As its name suggests it drains or pumps out lymph flow from one part of the body to another.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) for plastic surgery recovery

Facelift / Neck Lift / Rhinoplasty/ Chin Augmentation / Facial Fat Grafting / Breast Augmentation / Brest Lift / Tummy Tuck / Liposuction / Fat Grafting / BBL / Thigh Lift / Upper Arm Lift /

During liposuction fat accumulated under the skin is sucked out of the body, which sometimes results in some fluid accumulation in the tissue (edema) at or around the incision sites. The MLD is indicated for edema (swelling), therefore surgeons recommend it after every plastic surgery in order to speed up recovery and prevent the formation of fibrosis. If you have developed chronic fibrosis after surgery, Massage by Maya offers lymphatic drainage, myofascial release, cupping therapy while using other physical agents to help your skin and tissue recover faster.

1. Please be aware that  5-10 lymphatic drainage massage sessions would be needed to decongest your lymph nodes and improve lymph transport throughout the body in order for the excessive fluid to be re-routed to your venous system and then excreted from the body and to restore the pliability and normal look of your skin after plastic surgery. Radio frequency is highly recommended to smooth out the lumps on the skin as well. It is offered as an add-on to the lymphatic drainage massage. Make sure you inquire about Massage by Maya RF rates.

2. Exercise. If you want great results after your surgery it is a must that you perform some cardio exercises after surgery following your surgeon’s post-op protocol. Exercises will complement MLD by increasing the transport and excretion of fluid from your body. We offer lymphatics specific exercise program for additional charge to your MLD series treatments designed to speed up post-surgery recovery. Ask us about rates and availability.

3. Diet. It is extremely important to follow a healthy diet, especially after liposuction. During lipo surgery few pounds of fat cells were taken out of your body. The brain senses that change in weight, and tries to compensate for this “loss”.

It is extremely beneficial to follow a healthy diet avoiding high carb intake, as if carbs calories are not burned during exercise, eventually will turn in to fat to be stored again for when the body will need it.

In addition, if you rate your stress level 7-10 (on 0-10 scale: 0-no stress, 10-unbearable stress), stress-related byproducts (toxins) are going to accumulate again in the areas you just had liposuction on.

4. Water. 70% of the fluids in the body consist of water. Unless, dehydration is part of your medical prescription, please make sure to provide your body with necessary water amount daily, in order to assist your lymph and circulatory system function better.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) Strengthens Immunity and Reduces Swelling

MLD can help with Swelling

As its name suggests it drains or pumps out lymph flow from one part of the body to another. The goal of the lymphatic drainage is to decongest and improve the lymph flow in the lymph vessels and nodes. The lymph vessel system consist of one-way vessels that transports lymph into the venous blood circulation and lymph nodes that collect and filter the lymph.

The lymph is our immune system as in the lymph nodes T-lymphocytes and macrophages are produced (fight infections), therefore if the lymphatic system is congested or obstructed our immunity decreases, and the human body becomes vulnerable to infections. The difference from the circulatory system is that it is not a closed circuit system like the circulatory system, thus no central pump (heart), therefore there manual drainage is indicated.

There are also similarities between both systems: lymph transport is favored by the same factors favoring the venous system: respiratory motion, arterial pulse waves, and muscle and joint “pumps” through movement of arms and legs.

MLD therapy is indicated after surgical removal of lymph nodes in different parts of the human body such as mastectomy, colectomy, hysterectomy. MLD is strongly recommended after liposuction and plastic surgery procedures to prevent formation of fibrotic or scar tissue in the tissues.

Plastic Surgery Side Effects


Surgery causes trauma to the body tissues. The natural response of the body is swelling in order to begin the healing process. Localized swelling may slow recovery, increase the period of experienced numbness. The MLD enhances the activity of the lymph vessels, so the lymph fluid can be rerouted.


Bruising is inevitable after surgery. Lymphatic drainage massage after surgery can help the skin to return to normal by removing byproducts.


After surgery accumulation of proteins is a body normal response to protect the tissue from further damage. When the lymph flow is damaged after surgery, accumulation of those proteins may cause visible and palpable lumps, known as fibrosis. Lymphatic drainage massage after surgery removes fluid buildup and helps break down the accumulation of those proteins by restoring normal lymph flow.

The Effects of Manual Lymphatic Drainage are:

MLD Benefits

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[li]Natural anti-inflammatory effect[/li]
[li]The lymph vessel flow rate increases [/li]
[li]Relaxation of sympathetic nervous system[/li]
[li]MLD increases lymph formation[/li]
[li]Protein re-absorption is improved[/li]
[li]Increased rate of detoxification at capillary level[/li][/ul]

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