Welcome to Massage by Maya, a Wellness Clinic for Massage and Manual Therapy

Who we are

Our focus on each individual with a special level of care and consideration provides a first class massage therapy service that is above and beyond your expectations.


Our Approach and Values

Our aim is to provide a gold standard massage and manual therapy services that is easy to access, conveniently located and delivered seamlessly.

Manual Therapy & Sports Injury Clinic offers Massage, Bodywork, as well as Therapeutic Exercises for postural corrections and pain prevention. The total lack of prevention in our healthcare makes us focus on traditional therapeutic modalities and techniques. We also believe that motivation and enthusiasm are essential ingredients to help you.

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Why Choose Us? We provide The best Massage and Manual Therapy

Our mission

Excellence Research

We have the right caring, experience and dedicated professional for you.

Patient/ Client Personal Treatments

We care about you and the success of your providing personalized care.

Professional therapist

We are highest levels of honesty and professionalism at all times.

Well Oxygenated and Relaxing Therapy Room & High quality therapy and therapeutic exercise program

Our Facility

Our therapists are constantly investing time and resources researching the latest treatments. We assess the cause of your pain and provide you with the best possible manual treatment and therapeutic exercise plan.

  • Consulting room – no curtained cubicles
  • Street parking out front or in a car park across the road
  • Easy access by public transport, both bus and train
  • Extended opening hours
  • Highly experienced Manual Therapists

Are you looking for a great career as a therapist?

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We have no career openings at this time.