Sports Massage Therapy

If you are either regular fitness enthusiast, amateur or professional athlete who is looking to get rid of muscular aches or trying to enhance your professional athletic performance Massage by Maya offers top of the line massage in Evanston, IL to decrease pain, increase muscular flexibility and strength, as well as to increase your movement self-awareness.
Maya specializes in working with athletes practicing the following sports and sports activities:

Sports Massage Therapy benefits:

01 Relaxation

Muscular relaxion is a necessary way of helping athletes’ bodies to sustain physical stress without damage, prevent injury or quickly recover from it. Having a relaxed body and mind is crucial in sports requiring quick decision making and agility.

02 Recovery

The recovery process for every athlete is different after sports injury or muscular strains. Therefore Maya’s specific therapeutic approach is based on the specific sports, as athletes engage specific muscle groups. Regularly scheduled sports manual work for enhancing athletic performance is a necessity that would prevent prospective soft tissue injury.




03 Removal of Toxins

The release of byproducts and toxins after strenuous exercises is a normal physiological process, which creates painful knots and buildups throughout the body. The sports massage therapy can help athletes’ body remove these toxins efficiently and decrease DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and increase flexibility.


Sports Massage Therapy

Including services

Every initial sports massage therapy session begins with assessment. Depending on your needs, soft tissue adhesions, and muscle extensibility, some stretching may be added based on your range of motion and complains. For full body manual work and optimal muscle recovery 90-min session is strongly recommended. Maya’s conscious assessment and treatment can help heighten an athletes’ abilities and provide them with the physical support necessary to pursue and achieve their goals. Add CBD to your sports manual treatment to speed up muscle recovery.